Holidays & Organization

With the holidays quickly approaching, the time has come to purge unwanted items before receiving gifts. If your household is anything like mine, things get crazy! My kids receive many gifts both big and small. Often times, we run out of space to store everything. Start organizing things early to keep things easy and stress free.

Getting your kids to look through their things and get rid of the items that they no longer play with will help keep everything more organized. Donate the unwanted items to your local thrift store or sell them at your local kid’s consignment store like Once Upon a Child (Buy & Sell Gently Used Kids’ Clothes, Shoes, Toys, and Baby Gear | Once Upon A Child) to get some extra money to put towards holiday costs. Purging unwanted items ahead of the holiday will help keep your holiday stress free. Get a quote today to start your journey towards a more stress free life. Happy Organizing!

-Handle the Scramble